Baby and Me

Baby growth and development
Baby growth and development

Understanding the bond How and what you are is what the baby may become

Your Today, Your Child’s Tomorrow: It Will Help To Start Strong

Right from the time you know that you are sheltering a new life inside you, you begin doing everything possible that would be best for your baby. You want to feel every little change in your baby. You want to be a part of every experience of your baby growing within you.

Right from the moment you know that you have conceived you want to see the first image of that little wonder growing inside. Those few inches of baby fat on your tummy as a sign of your baby growing bigger inside that makes you look at the mirror and smile, the cravings that make you want to taste various delicacies, and then, the movements, the kicks of that naughty soul inside you – everything is part of a wonderful and unique experience of motherhood. It is something you could and would never forget, and enjoy cherishing life-long.

The Physical Changes

You begin adapting to a new physical phase, start following a new lifestyle consisting of new habits and newly planned diet schedules. Gradually, your life starts becoming your baby’s life too. As you start living with that joy, excitement and new energy, your

baby starts following the cue too! As you begin to embark on this wonderful journey of motherhood, you simultaneously start to prepare your baby for the days to come.

As your baby grows inside you, you are everything it has. Whatever you feel, think or do has its impact on your little one as well. If you are sad, your baby would be sad too. So you would hear everyone advising you to stay happy and healthy for it would reflect on your baby too. After all, mothers always want to see their kids happy.

Undoubtedly, mood swings are a part of the pregnancy package and therefore getting irritated at times over small and petty things or feeling low at times over reasons unknown are just the normal symptoms. But worrying or taking too much stress about things ‘must’ be avoided. Whatever you do or feel, your child does and feels the same, remember?

Start Strong

As a mother, you always want your baby to be in the pink of health. You surely want a strong and healthy baby with a good immunity system and resistance power. But for your child to be born healthy and strong, you need to take care of yourself from the very first day you get to know about your pregnancy. What you are or do today will have its effect on your little darling tomorrow. For example, you do not eat properly, and your child does not get the required nutrition.

You want to be a super-mom who always protects her baby from anything and everything negative or harmful. You want to fight all sorts of health issues even before it reaches your baby. For you to do that, you need to be strong and healthy yourself. You need to eat and drink everything that would provide you with the nutrients that your baby needs. You also need must take very good care of your hygiene as anything that affects you with invariably affect the baby too.

You And Your Baby

For the first nine months of its life, your tummy is your baby’s home. As the days go by and you stand in front of the mirror and notice the physical change in your body, you realise that your baby is also growing inside you – bit by bit. You both are undergoing physical changes together, and you decide how your child will be in the days to come.

Just as involved you are in your child’s growth and development, equally dependent is your child on you, to do it properly and do it well. As independent as you have been in life, you would want your kid to be the same. All mothers want their children to have a life much better than their own and for that dream to come true, the base has to be laid down well – from as early as the time your little darling is inside you. Therefore it is essential to check what you eat and drink, what you do and how you do it.

A mother is always the most dearest, most reliable and the most formidable support to her child. And this bond between a mom and her baby is not only limited to the

prenatal or neonatal; it lasts for eternity. After all, there surely is something deeper than the umbilical cord which keeps a mother and her baby connected and tied to each other forever.