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Choosing a name for your baby
Choosing a name for your baby

Three ways to narrow down on names for your baby

Three Essentials For Choosing A Name

Choosing a name for your baby can be a daunting task. When it boils down to naming your baby you cannot afford to take things lightly. For a name is what others and your rock star will start identifying with. Here are three essential things can help you choose the right name for your child.


The most important factor while naming your child will be choosing a gender appropriate name. If you choose a feminine name for your baby boy then he may end up being picked on. Same goes for bestowing a manly name on your baby girl.

Even if you have not thought of a name during the pregnancy, you get time to think of a name after your child’s birth. The hospitals allow new parents some time to decide before they are ready to fill out the form that declares the baby’s name.


If there are some names that are given to every generation in a family, then naming your child becomes easier. Family names can be a burden or a blessing. Many parents choose to name their children after any elderly family member, out of fondness. So, if you have any family member that you hold very dear then you can name your child after them.

Rhymes And Initials

Being given a name that rhymes with anything offensive is a child’s despair. Also having initials that spell abusive words can be a nightmare for most! Make sure that you are careful enough to not give your child a name that is bound to make him/her suffer during his/her childhood. If you are aware of names that you or your peers used to make fun of, avoid them and spare your child the embarrassment.

Keeping these three things in mind, you can surely choose the perfect name for your little darling.