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Three Vices Pre Post And During Pregnancy
Three Vices Pre Post And During Pregnancy

Three vices that need to be dropped pre post and during pregnancy

Three Vices Pre Post And During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a fantastic experience but along with it comes a list of do's and don’ts for the expectant mother. Pregnant women who religiously follow the list right from conception till the time they are breastfeeding, their baby would surely reap excellent benefits that will help him/her start strong in life.  

So it is really important that you give up any and all of these vices.

Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette smoking is very harmful as it affects both you and your child. Cigarette has toxins which enter the blood stream and reach the uterus. The nicotine in cigarettes is extremely harmful. It could narrow veins in the mother, including the umbilical cord. This may mean the oxygen supply of your baby is at stake. Just lowering cigarette consumption is not enough as even a little amount of nicotine could do a lot of harm to the unborn. Also, passive smoking, by being around people who smoke is equally bad for you child.

Alcohol Consumption

Consumption of alcohol just before pregnancy, or during pregnancy or while you are breast feeding your child has a huge negative impact on the health of your little one. All that you eat or drink eventually crosses the placenta. This being the baby’s bloodstream, even a little alcohol would disrupt the normal growth of your child and could leave him/her with long term effects like learning disorder, malformation of heart and other organs etc. So say no to alcohol even before pregnancy and during breast feeding. Anything that is not good for your baby is not worth liking.

Illegal Drugs

It is important that both the partners stop illegal drugs before pregnancy as in men it would affect the sperm count. If a mother is addicted to drugs, the baby would also get addicted to it as the drug content would have reached the baby through the placenta. On birth the baby would face drug withdrawal symptoms which would put him in stress. Premature baby, birth defects, learning disabilities, sudden infant death syndrome, increased risk of infection and retarded growth are some of the concerns the baby may have if the mother has been using drugs before, during or post pregnancy.

Lastly, pregnancy is a wonderful phase. You should enjoy every bit of it, but always keep in mind that the wellbeing of your little angel is your responsibility.