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Three reasons why the due date could get extended or preponed

Why Preterm Or Post Term?

The Expected Due Date (EDD) given by your practitioner is a rough estimate of the time your baby would arrive. But on the contrary, to let you know the statistics, about 70 percent of babies are born after the EDD and 30 percent before it.

Preterm Labour

Any labour that starts before the commencement of the 37th week of gestation of the pregnancy is termed as preterm labour. It can be a serious hurdle during pregnancy.

Some reasons associated with preterm labour could be multiple pregnancies, lifestyle and gap between pregnancies.

Multiple pregnancies -You are likely to deliver preterm if you are carrying twins or triplets.

Lifestyle condition - There could be many lifestyle conditions that put you to a risk of preterm birth like smoking, consuming alcohol, no prenatal care, excessive stress, long standing hours during pregnancy, consumption of illegal drugs, lack of emotional support, poor eating habits etc.

If the time gap between two pregnancies is less than 6 to 9 months, your body is not fully prepared to bear the second pregnancy and it may result in preterm delivery.

Extended Labour

It’s 43rd week, and yet there is no sign of labour? As perplexing as it is for would be mothers, the exact reason for a delayed labour is unknown even with advancement in technology and medical field. Here are some possible reasons.

The EDD is calculated based on your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). The general menstrual cycle is 28 days, but if yours is not, the effect would fall on the calculation of your EDD. Plus as ovulation could occur on any day in your cycle, it is difficult to pin point your day of conceiving. Hence it affects the accuracy of the EDD arrived at, thereby giving an impression of pregnancy going beyond date.

If your mother has had a history of overdue pregnancies, you are also likely to have them. There is also a segment of believe that in summer the pregnancies are longer than in winter. It is also believed that a well-nourished or a first-time pregnant woman will generally have an overdue pregnancy.

However, there is nothing to be nervous about if the doctor has confirmed that your baby is doing just fine. What is most important is to eat healthy food, go for regular doctor visits and enjoy the whole experience.