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Three healthy foods that help generate more milk in a lactating mother

Three Things To Consume To Generate More Breast Milk

Every mother wants the very best for her baby, and begins to work towards it right since she discovers she is pregnant. You want to start strong. So you start eating right, do the right exercises, read a lot of stuff about pregnancy from books, journals and off the internet, consult friends with babies or look up to grandmothers, aunts and mother for good advice. The benefits of starting strong and starting right ensure a complication free pregnancy and a better life for your child.

During the process of breast feeding, you may notice that the amount of milk produced is not enough to satisfy the demands of your growing baby as your supplies are diminishing. But the demand from your baby will increase. It is advisable that you do not give up at this stage without trying changing your eating habits a little. Try to include a few items in your daily diet and things could be much better.

3 Prime Supporters


Increased consumption of water is of paramount importance for increasing the production of breast milk. The more hydrated you are, the better is the supply of milk for your little one. The recommendation by experts is atleast 3 litres of water a day.

Capsule supplements

Ask your gynaecologist to recommend a capsule supplement. Some of them are More Milk Plus Vegetarian Capsules, Lactare etc. These capsules are basically made of herbs like fennel seed, blessed thistle, nettle leaf and fenugreek, all known for their ability to increase breast milk.

Milk With Baby And Me

Consumption of milk also increases your milk production. And topping up your milk with the Baby and Me nutritional supplement by adding 4 spoons in a glass of warm or cold milk as per your taste would meet a lot of your and your baby’s nutritional needs. In fact starting consumption of Baby And Me right during pregnancy is very beneficial and gives your baby a strong start.

Lactating mothers are also advised not to consume very spicy food, more of ginger or sesame oil, and also stay away from vinegar. For fish eaters, fishes like king mackerel, tilefish, swordfish and shark are a complete no-no as they contain a lot of mercury. Likewise alcoholic beverages and a high consumption of caffeine are also not recommended. Smoking, both active and passive, is a complete no-no. Breastfeeding mothers should also keep a tab on any across-the-counter drugs they might want to take for common ailments like cold/cough or headaches. It is best to consult a practitioner and avoid self-medication.