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Seven tips to help you cope with post natal stress

Seven Ways To Knock Out Post Natal Stress

There is no doubt that with a new born in your life, it is normal to get stressed while caring for your baby’s needs. You would be facing a lot of emotional and physical strain, which could be tackled in the following ways.

Ask For Help

Postnatal stress is very common and asking for help is not weird. Make a list of friends and relatives who are ready to pitch in for help.  Manage your schedules and check who can come in when for help. By asking for help you are in no way going to be a bad mother who cannot take care of her baby. Rather, you would be giving your darling a strong start.  So don’t feel shy to approach others!


Talk to other new moms. Make a group of new moms and discuss your concerns.  This could give you a feeling of not being alone, which itself is enough to release the stress. You may even get some new ideas about how to deal with things and by sharing your techniques with them, you could help them too. Talk to your partner and share everything with him and simply the feeling that you could share your feelings freely with your husband is very rejuvenating.

‘Me’ Time

Spend some ‘me time’ once in a while as someone else takes care of your baby. Go for a walk alone. Hit the saloon and pamper yourself. Let someone else attend to your little one’s needs while you catch up on some sleep or a movie. A short uninterrupted break can really works wonders to get you back stronger and happier.


You might be getting stressed out looking at yourself and thinking about how your body has changed once your baby is born. Exercising is the best way to get back to the pre-pregnancy shape. It will really make you feel good and more energetic and you will be able to work more. It will reduce mental stress and you will be able to handle more of the work that motherhood demands.

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditation work wonderfully for relaxation. Deep breathing is really rejuvenating. Yoga helps in relieving you of your back, neck and pelvic pains and relieves you of the fatigue of sleeplessness.  

Eat Good Food

The key to good health is good food. If you are healthy, you will not get stressed easily. Unhealthy food can add to the stress levels in the already stressful weeks post birth.

Catch Up On Postnatal Massage

Carrying a baby for nine months is not an easy task. But it is not over once you have delivered. The first few months post-delivery is generally very tough both mentally and physically. Back pain, pelvic pain, neck pain continue as a baby demands lot of care and attention. A relaxing massage would help you relieve you of your physical exhaustion and will refresh you.

Stress is more in the mind than actually in the situation of caring for a new born. Yes caring for a new born is really demanding but with small techniques which can be incorporated in your life, you could keep the stress at bay.