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Child Birth Class Seven Essentials
Child Birth Class Seven Essentials

Seven essentials while zeroing down on a child birth class

Child Birth Class Seven Essentials To Start Strong

On discovering about you pregnancy, it is always good to start in time for the childbirth process. Being informed about all possibilities would make you more comfortable and confident in the pregnancy journey and labour process. It is always advisable that you start strong. It will be good for your baby and you as well.

An important part of preparation is child birth classes. These classes will provide you with the information about different kinds of childbirth processes, guiding you to choose the one that is best for you. As different class options are available, you might need to think a little before finalizing one.

Things To Consider

Following are seven essentials to consider before you could zero in on a pregnancy class.

1. Does the class fit well in your time schedule? Is the location apt for you to travel for each session?

2. Does the class have other students similar to your background? For example, if you are a housewife and all of your batch mates in the pregnancy class are working women, it might get a little difficult to gel well due to diversity in thinking processes. In such situation, it can sometime get difficult to share your concerns and doubts out loud. Also check if the class focuses on couples or single parents.

3. Are you someone who gets uncomfortable in large groups or someone who is absolutely at ease in large group settings? Based on your nature, and the offerings of various classes, this factor is also an important contributor in the process of zeroing down on a class.

4. Which kind of child birth system do you wish to adopt for yourself? You would have to make sure the class offers a deep insight on all the aspects of child birth and not just a single one. That will help you choose the best one as per your needs, like the Dick-Read Method, Lamaze or The Bradley method.

5. Does the class concentrate more on the right kind of exercises during pregnancy, the stages of growth in each pregnancy or more on post pregnancy care? Based on your requirements, make sure you find out all this and then decide.

6. Does the class propagate painless delivery or natural delivery, and their view on epidural etc. are also important factors. It would be great to take a class with neutral views that helps you understand all the points but does not propagate a particular thing, thus enabling you to decide for yourself.

7.Your doctor could also help you a great deal in zeroing down to one child birth class based on his/her past experiences. Your friends or co-workers could also help and suggest a suitable class. Also do check if the instructor of the class is a certified childbirth process trainer before you enroll for the classes.

It is easier said than done. But it is crucial that you find the right child birth class. This process calls for a little patience and does demand some time, especially if you are a first time mother, completely uninformed about the whole process of child birth. Therefore keeping the seven essentials in mind could help you choose a class a little more easily than otherwise.