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expectations with your loved ones Getting them ready
expectations with your loved ones Getting them ready

How to set expectations with your loved ones Getting them ready

Get Ready For The D-Day

As the arrival of the new baby brings joy, it also carries along some new challenges not only for the mother but for the entire family. Sometimes, it just starts with how are you going to inform your husband and what would be his reaction on hearing the news.

The moment is, anyway, going to be a memory for life. However, your husband’s reaction could turn out to be the most unpredictable. If the two of you have been waiting for a baby, it may make him really excited and happy immediately! But if it has been a complete surprise to you and hence to him, he may need some time to understand and accept the fact and the rejoicing will obviously follow! You would then have to be a little more patient to not get completely and easily disheartened but give your husband his space and time to prepare for his fatherhood.


There is always a possibility of your challenges increasing if you are a mom-to-be for the second or subsequent time. Because, the biggest challenge here might be telling your elder kid(s) about the new member getting added to the family. Some children often tend to feel slightly threatened by the new baby, due to the possible insecurity over her/his spotlight being whipped away with everyone preparing for the new child.

It might be a little difficult at the onset but gradually things will ease out. All you would need to take care of, at such a time, is that you don’t let your kid feel left out or neglected. Keep involving him/her in your preparations for his/her sibling and try to build their friendly bonding right from the beginning.


Also, when your parents are part of your life, they might be almost as excited as you are about the new addition to their extended family, even more so if this is to be their first grandchild. Their joy for your pregnancy can be very supportive and can help you get ready for being a parent.

At the same time, there is a possibility that as grandparents, they might feel unsure about where will they fit into your new family. It is also possible that they may worry about your opinions with respect to their presence and involvement. Sometimes, the best way of sorting these types of awkward situations is engaging with them in new and different conversations. This would apply for both your parents and parents-in-law, so that their misconceptions and your expectations from them could all remain clear and sorted.

Flexibility and patience are key parenting skills and certain emotional challenges are probable. They give you a stronger foundation to handle your family better even after your baby’s arrival.