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During the 40 weeks of pregnancy
During the 40 weeks of pregnancy

How to prepare for the changes about to happen in your life

Prepare For The Changes To Start Strong

During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, your body goes through numerous changes. Most of these changes have little to do with you and almost everything to do with the needs of your foetus. As the baby grows larger, it spreads up into the abdomen and down into the area of the kidney, causing your organs to adjust into a smaller space. This often results in making you feel less hungry, increase in the frequency of urination and also causes back pains as the load on back increases.

Psychological Worries

Mostly, the physical changes happening in the body also cause numerous psychological ups and downs. Some of which, apart from the mood swings, may include, at times, uncomfortable feeling with having a baby, anxiety about caring for the new baby, and sometimes even negative emotions about the baby.

Many a times, moms also think too much about the baby’s future after birth, worry about the changes that may take place, in their routine and daily habits, after the baby’s birth. As long as these thoughts only peep in once a while, it is completely normal. But when these thoughts become major worries and start taking away your sleep it does become a problem.

Prepare Well In Advance

It is only if you know more about these possible psycho-physical changes before time that you would be better prepared to deal with them when the time comes. There are no rules and regulations as to what should be done or what can be done; how some things can be avoided or how you can deal with some particular symptoms. But on a whole, the best way is reading more and knowing more about the speculations.

When you already anticipate what your body may go through or what you may experience, you are more prepared with what should be done when you actually experience such a moment and you know how you should deal with it. Exercising or pursuing yoga is a good way of dealing with the maternity stress. Apart from the physical benefits of exercises, it also helps in relaxing and de-stressing.

Talk It Out

When you feel stressed or feel that the pregnancy is becoming very difficult to handle, the first thing you should ideally do is share a word with your partner. Sharing your feelings and converse openly about your thoughts, emotions and any and everything possible aspects which relates to you or your baby. This will be very helpful and relaxing. Also, your obstetrician is always there to consult and seek advice from. It’s always better to be straight and honest with him/her about every psycho-physical changes happening in you.