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How to plan a baby shower

Plan A Baby Shower Successfully

Exciting times await you. A baby shower is a must in most cultures, while in others there are sure to be celebrations or rituals similar to a baby shower. Since the celebration is so special, you would want it to be unique. You therefore need to plan in advance if you want the baby shower to be grand. Here are a few tips that can help you plan well.

The Host

It is generally close friends and relatives of the would-be-mother who plan the baby shower. The mother-to-be and her husband can plan the baby shower by themselves as well. So, before planning a baby shower, be clear about who will be hosting it. This can resolve unnecessary complications.

Guests And Invites

Be sure to get the guest list right. Inviting the female family members is a must (unless there is any person that the mother-to-be does not want to invite). To add on, be sure to invite close friends and co-workers as well. If you are planning on a small party, then simply invite immediate family members and the closest and oldest friends of the mother-to-be.

Having created a guest list, send out invites and make sure that the guests get them. You do not want important guests missing out on this big day!


A small baby shower can be held at your home itself. But cleaning up after a baby shower may be too much work for the mother-to-be. Therefore it would be wiser to select a location where the post event clean up can be taken care of. Choose the location that is in proportion to the size of the guest list.  Pre-booking a popular location is a must if you have chosen one.


Throwing a baby shower is not an easy task. You cannot work in the kitchen while tending to the guests. Hire caterers and they can take care of it all. If you are planning a small shower, you may still need to hire a few extra hands to help you out.


Nowadays most parties are theme parties. So, it is not a bad idea to add a theme to the baby shower as well. You could have some colour themes like pink, blue, etc. Also, you could plan some theme that the mother-to-be holds close to her heart.