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juggle pregnancy and career 5 tips
juggle pregnancy and career 5 tips

How to juggle pregnancy and career 5 tips

Managing Your Career During Pregnancy

Most would-be-mothers prefer to continue working till the last date of delivery although many of them are seen hanging up their coats and slipping into their comfy pyjamas in the third trimester itself. This might be because of the fact that their workplace offer 6-8 weeks of maternity leave.

Here are a few things that you can keep in mind when you are juggling between pregnancy and a career.

Choose The Right Package

For the working woman choosing the right work package is very important. If you are stuck with a bad maternity package, you will regret choosing it towards the later part of pregnancy. This is why you must choose a work package that offers longer maternity leave as well as other perks. If you can get a package that offers you paid leave, just grab it! There could be nothing better than that.


Pregnancy can send rumours at the place of work. The best thing to do is come clean and let your colleagues know about your pregnancy. Notifying your employers can also help you get leave at any point of time that you need it. After all, your company needs to prepare for the time you will not be around. So, instead of hiding the baby bump flaunt it and make the news known. 

Get Done With Work

It is best to reduce your workload during the later stages of pregnancy. Shrugging work off is not the way to do it. Getting work done during the early stages can help reduce future workload and resultant stress. Future planning is the best way to reduce stress on you during the last stages of pregnancy.

Get Time With Your Baby

Maternity leave does not generally exceed 6-8 weeks. Therefore take leave towards the end of your third trimester. The leave ensures that you get enough time to get fit after child birth and have time to spend some precious moments with your little one at home. It is therefore important to plan in advance.

Old Job Or New

Post-pregnancy, you may no longer want to return to your old job, especially if the job has been stressful and requires you to stay away from your new born. In such a case you may want to take a break or switch over to a new job. This change can be refreshing and may usher in new opportunities. Plan your leave accordingly if you have decided to resign.