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process of pregnancy
process of pregnancy

How can I involve my better half in these nine months

Our Baby Should Start Strong

Pregnancy, more often than not, seems to be a mother’s responsibility. It is primarily the mother who goes through all the physical and hormonal changes, the mood swings and the pain of labour. Given the fact that all these changes happen simultaneously, an expecting mother can often feel lonely and overtly responsible.

In order to avoid any such situation and prevent it from adding to your stress, involve your better half in everything you do.

Involve Your Partner

You need the support and assurance of your partner sharing these moments with you. Although, he doesn’t literally experience the little baby in your stomach the way you do, there are some very simple ways of how you can encourage him and have him more involved and strongly connected to ‘his’ baby.

Medical Check-Up

The easiest thing on the list could be asking your partner to accompany you for your medical check-ups. By doing this, he too would be aware of the physical changes and would also have an idea about what could be anticipated at which stage of your pregnancy. It would be really wonderful if you could make sure to have your partner come along with you for the ultrasound appointments, the first of which is done mostly between the 10th and 13th week. He would of course be equally excited and willing to see the first image of his tiny little baby growing in you.

Build The Bond

Being a mother, you are also the only strong tie which binds your baby to his/her father till the time it is born. It would therefore be a good idea to share your feeling and emotions about your child with your better half. It would also mean that the father is as close to his child as you are.

During the period of nine months, both parents worry about the entire process of pregnancy, their role as parents, the new parental and financial responsibilities and the ability to handle them effectively. Bear in mind that during this period you both need must support each other.

Also, along with your preparations for your delivery, you could also train your partner for the labour process. The two of you could learn about the same from your obstetrician and read related books or watch some videos together. This would also help him get involved in the process and strengthen your bond.