Baby and Me

Five quick tips on how to shop for the new born baby

Shopping For Your New-Born

As the time for the arrival approaches you would want to go shopping to stock up all items your little wonder would need as soon as he or she arrives. It becomes really important not to get carried away and end up with unnecessary stuff. Here are a few tips which could make the process easier for you.

Ask The Experienced Ones

Take suggestions from a friend/cousin who has recently had a baby. If you are a first-time parent, you would probably have a million questions running in your mind because you may not know what actually is useful from a host of available things. All baby stuff looks cute and a must to buy, but only experience could tell how to differentiate between the useful things from the seemingly fancy unnecessary goods. So do tap into the experience of all the ladies who have become mommies recently and ask for their suggestions.

What’s The Weather Like?

Purchase things for your baby keeping in mind the weather and season around the delivery date. Your baby will not be able to convey his/her feelings to you in words. As a parent, you have to decide for your baby and keep him/her comfortable.   


Go for comfort first, and look and style can follow. It gets difficult to dress a baby, especially if the clothing you have chosen is not very easy to drape on. Wide and envelop necks are easy to clothe your baby in. Avoid clothing with zips, big fancy buttons and such other embellishments as your baby would be lying down all the time and these things may harm the delicate skin of your little darling. For starters, opt for 100 percent pure cotton products as they are washable, comfortable and breathable. They are non-allergic and easy on the skin.


A baby means a lot of puking and spitting anytime anywhere. So purchase everything in sets of three - like sets of shawls, bed sheets, winter cloths etc.,. but make sure you do not end up with loads of clothing. Plan for current needs and not long term and buy sizes only for the coming three months in the beginning; your baby will grow out of them soon.  


Keep your budget in mind. All baby stuff looks cute and hard to resist. But make sure you plan wisely; else you may exhaust the budget on the avoidable goods and have a tough time when you need to buy the actually necessary ones.

Being a parent is an indefinable pleasure and shopping for your little one is the trickiest yet one of the most enjoyable experiences of parenthood. With the right calculations, you can give your little one a strong start in life.