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Five must have vegetables during advanced stages of pregnancy

Five Must Have Vegetables During Third Trimester

Vegetables are excellent sources of nutrients for the human body, and more so for a mom-to-be. In the final stages of pregnancy you should take extra care of what you eat.  The right kind of food will really affect both you and your baby’s health and well-being.

It is seen that some mothers develop aversion towards certain foods during pregnancy. If this happens to you with vegetables, present them in a different form. You could consume them as juices, raw in salads, boiled or spiced.

Try and incorporate a serving of each of the vegetables mentioned below in your daily diet during the third trimester to have a healthy pregnancy.


They are full of lycopene and have tremendous antioxidant capabilities. They have almost all the vitamins from Vitamin A to K. They also help keep blood pressure in control, which becomes a major concern in the third trimester.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a scarcely consumed vegetable in most households. However, the benefits it gives to a pregnant mother are not well-known to people at large. They are rich in manganese and vitamin A and C. They are an excellent source of iron and fibre, both of which an expecting mother and her baby requires the most. They give instant energy and help regulating the digestive system, which, towards the end of your pregnancy become a little troublesome otherwise.

Bell Peppers

You could eat bell peppers of the colour of your choice - red, yellow or green. These are loaded with the goodness of nutrients like folic acid and lycopene. Having a bell pepper every day strengthens the defence mechanism of the body and helps you stay fit.


They contain a peptide called GPCS which slows down the loss of calcium from your body. They also contain vitamin C and folate.

Greens Such As Spinach

All greens are extremely good for the both of you as they are dense in nutrients. Not only are they low in calories and high in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, but also excellent sources of Vitamin A, K, C, B2, iron, calcium, folate and manganese. All of these are excellent for you in the last phase of pregnancy.

Vegetables are a huge storehouse of minerals and vital vitamins essential for carrying mothers and their children. Just make sure you wash the vegetables properly. Do not let food aversions stop you from letting the important nutrients reach you and your baby. Just presenting in a palatable form would surely work.