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Five creative diversions to help tackle mood swings

5 Ways To Do Away With Mood Swings

Are you super annoyed with you partner one moment and badly wish to hug him the very next moment? Are you crying watching TV for no evident reason? Yes, all this could sound insane, but is real and very much a part and parcel of pregnancy. Mood swings come with the cute little baby bump and are common. Try using these techniques to wade off your mood swings.

Bond With Your Partner

Let him know how you are feeling. His reassurance and love will help you sail through this phase. Spend plenty of ‘we time’. Enjoy the nine months to the maximum before the baby arrives as you may not get time for yourself in the first two years after your little angel arrives. Go for a vacation together if possible. Let you partner know that these outbursts are due to the hormonal changes and should not be taken personally.

Spend Time Doing Things You Love

Ever since you have discovered about your pregnancy you have always been doing things best for you in pregnancy, planning the nursery, shopping for your baby, attending pre-natal classes etc. Give this a break once in a while. Do things you really like. It may be painting, writing, watching movies, reading books or anything else. Catch up with your friends and spend some time pampering yourself and having fun.

Manage Your Stress

Do not fret about the not-so-important daily chores. Do not try to seek perfection in all you do. Have fun, catch up on loads of sleep, just spend a lazy day and most importantly, keep the to-do list as small as possible.

Eat Right And Eat Well

Regular snacking between meals keeps you emotionally steady. Including a complex carbs and protein diet can keep mood swings at bay. Small and frequent meals help, as a drop in blood sugar increases mood swings.

Take It Easy

Just know that what is happening with you is normal. Take it easy, and put your worries about your little one aside for a while and go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Exercising and fresh air can help in the production of endorphins (which are the happy hormones) in your body.  This way you will be able to distract yourself and return more energetic.

These mood swings are the result of those crazy hormones and changes your body is experiencing. They are wonderful and sometimes wacky too. Wonderful as they are the ones nurturing the life inside you and whacky as they often make you feel miserable-weepy, over excited or depressed without apparent reasons. But they will all pass.