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new born celebration
new born celebration

Different traditions and customs associated with the birth of a child

Major Functions Associated With Childbirth

The birth of a child is indeed a reason to rejoice and celebrate. The addition of a new member to the family is always welcome. If you are expecting to have a new baby in the family then be prepared to follow the customs and rituals that is prevalent in your culture or religion.

Since the birth of a child is more than just a natural occurrence, different cultures and religions have different methods of celebrating the birth of a new life. Here are a few common celebrations that are practiced before and after child birth by most.

Baby shower

The baby shower is a must for many families. Essentially a baby shower is a celebration where friends and family of the mother-to-be come together to shower their blessings and wish both the mother and baby well. Baby shower may be practiced differently in different cultures.

Many religions and cultures do not have baby shower as a way of celebration. But they definitely host a party that is similar to a baby shower. This stems from the tradition of blessing the child and the mother with good health, happiness and a safe delivery. Hence we see that the baby shower, or any similar celebration, is the first custom associated with child birth.


Those who choose to follow Christian traditions get their child christened. Essentially the child is baptized that declares the child as a follower of any denomination of the religion. The ceremony depends on the denomination that the family follows. This can also mean that the age at which the child can get baptized will differ.

Other religions

There are so many different kinds of cultures and religions all over the world, it is impossible to narrow down on the rituals that are performed by every religion and culture. But almost all religions have celebrations and rituals to bless the child. The celebrations may be for naming the child or simply for the baby to receive blessings from all the members of the family.

So, within a few months of the birth of your child, you will find yourself and your spouse planning for all the ceremonial functions for your family and friends to seek blessings for your new born.