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Diet plan for working mother
Diet plan for working mother

Diet plan for a working mother

Healthy Snack Options

A full time job leaves you with very little time to cook. But you cannot afford to eat indiscriminately because then your baby will not get the best. He/she will not get the strong start that you want to give him/her.

However, with little effort and a proper direction, you need not be worried about not having enough time to cook a nutritious meal. Try these easy and nutritious foods which will keep you nourished and fulfil you snacking urges when away from home.


They are good for everyone but especially good for you. Make sure you have a daily serving of fruits. Be it apple, pear, banana, orange or avocado, eating fresh fruits is beneficial rather than the canned ones. So keep an apple or an orange in you handbag. Plus, it is not messy but extremely healthy.


They are small, easy to carry and also very tasty! They are rich in iron, fibre and potassium and can also satisfy your craving for something sweet!


This is one of the tastiest healthy food items. Yoghurt can be combined with almost everything and also eaten alone. It is a classic nutritious food and also very convenient to make or carry. A 6 ounce serving of yoghurt caters to about 25 percent of your daily calcium requirements. Plus it also contains essential vitamins, minerals and protein.

Baby Carrots

Carrots are loaded with fibre and vitamin D. Eat them fresh and raw or you could dip them in yoghurt or hummus for added flavour without compromise on nutritional aspect. You could even add a little low-fat salad dressing to make it tangier.

Crunchy Cereal

New age cereals have essential minerals, vitamins and also folic acid. You could store them in re-sealable bags and keep it on your work desk or in your car. It works well as a handy snacking option. Being crunchy and healthy, it is just perfect for a quick non messy snack with no compromise on the ‘healthy’ aspect.

Calcium and Vitamin D fortified Orange Juice

Consuming just a cup of orange juice a day can meet your daily requirement of Vitamin C and roughly around 20 percent of your Calcium need. Easily available in small tetra packets anywhere, this is a handy option to keep with you always. It also keeps you hydrated and make you feel fresh. 

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is an excellent source of calcium and protein. It is easy to make at home and also very easy to store. You could eat it with plain salt and pepper or could add in a handful of nuts and dried fruits to make it more interesting and appealing. You can easily find single serving packs available in most stores too.

The strong determination and desire in your mind to give your baby the best should guide you and keep you on track. Bear in mind, your baby will get a strong start only when you provide him/her with the right kind of food and nutrition.