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Cravings during pregnancy and how to manage them

OMG! Me And My Cravings

Oranges with a pinch of pepper, fried chicken dipped in chocolate sauce, ice shavings directly from the freezer – listening to these combinations, you may feel “ Yuk!” But during pregnancy, these may sound really yummy!

Craving For?

Cravings! The word itself means an eager desire for something. This stage is very common in pregnant women. We often hear a to-be-mom craving for pickle, sweets, chocolates, ice creams, dairy products and various different things. Some really unusual drugs or foods or even non-food items such as paint, dirt, and laundry starch have also been known as items women crave for during pregnancy! These cravings are known as pica. Cravings can at times be like a double edged sword.

Why Craving?

Generally cravings are caused because of the hormonal changes and the physical needs of the body. The extreme hormone levels can have a strong impact on the variations of a woman’s smell and taste. Sometimes the cravings can also justify the need of the body. For example, if a lady craves for ice-cream, it can also mean that her body needs calcium. If she craves for chocolate it may also mean that her body needs magnesium, although there is no specific study justifying the same.

To control the change, eating healthy food on a regular basis is very necessary. You should prefer adding natural spices to foods which would help reduce unreasonable cravings.  Trying to substitute with healthier alternatives is the key. For example, green tea is a natural and very effective antioxidant and reduces sugar cravings considerably.  For instant energy, low glycemic foods are really good. Vitamin B complex is again a very essential addition to the daily diet while soya milk is a treasure of calcium that helps build healthy teeth, nails and bones. Calcium also helps reduce common dairy cravings. Cut back on caffeine and go for fruit juices.

Not To Miss

Be aware that cravings could also lead to over-eating. Over indulgence can lead to unhealthy weight gain thus increasing the health risk for both you and your baby. Finally and most importantly, water plays the crucial part of flushing out all the harmful toxins and maintaining healthy body. So have atleast 8 glasses of water a day.

With a right response to unreasonable cravings you could easily sail through this funny but very common pregnancy symptom. Enjoy it, do not indulge in it.