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Could a sweet tooth cause a sugar rush
Could a sweet tooth cause a sugar rush

Could a sweet tooth cause a sugar rush

Start Strong - Reduce Sugar In Your Diet

Cravings and pregnancy go hand in hand. But do not forget that while eating during pregnancy; it is the time for you to give your baby a strong and healthy start. A right start would benefit your child and ignoring it in the name of unreasonable cravings is not good for both of you.

Too much of sugar is not good for anyone, more so during pregnancy. Pregnancy and high quantity of sugar consumption is a very unhealthy combination. So ensure you don’t fall in this trap; instead give your baby a strong start, right from your womb.

Do Away With Sugar During Pregnancy

Sugar is the root cause of our modern day health concerns – diabetes and obesity. Yes, sugar is much better than the high fructose corn syrup, but whatever you may say, it is just bare calories. If you are a generally nutrition-conscious eater, a little sugar here and there will not do any harm. But a large amount would be detrimental, for both you and your baby.

What Goes On Inside?

Consumption of high amount of sugar may result in release of insulin from the body. This insulin works towards eliminating the sugar in the bloodstream at a rapid pace. So more the consumption of sugar, quicker would be the chain reaction of elimination. This chain leaves you with an extremely fluctuating sugar level and might upset your metabolism.

Medical science has witnessed a lot of cases in the recent years where babies have been producing too much insulin even after birth as their body had got used to it. The minute the baby is out of the womb, it is cut off from the mother’s supply of sugary foods, but continues to make insulin, resulting in a lower sugar level, which is extremely dangerous for a baby.

Post Birth

Studies show that a new born whose mother has been a sugar addict during pregnancy passes on the trait to her child. Thus a mother’s sugar addiction usually stays on with her child for all of his/her life. So giving your baby a strong foundation is very important and a lot of what and how you eat during pregnancy will decide the course of life of your baby. So be wise, stay away from sugar overload, especially when you are carrying your baby.