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doctor during pregnancy
doctor during pregnancy

Building comfort with your doctor during the nine months

Pregnancy: Bettering Doctor-Patient Bond

A strong doctor-patient relationship is an important factor during pregnancy. A visit to the doctor during pregnancy is as important as all the antenatal tests and examinations. This rapport needs to be built right from the beginning. Start discussing everything related to pregnancy and birth from the start.

Doctor Visits

Doctor visits during pregnancy are also about advice and support. Your doctor will update you with all the changes in your body as well as in the baby in every visit. But still if you have got some queries, do not hesitate to get them cleared from your doctor. Ask questions or talk about anything that’s worrying you. Make sure you get answers to all your questions. Jot down questions before you go to see a doctor and also note down the answers that you get. This would save time and also you wouldn’t miss out on any queries.


An open communication between you and your doctor is important. Do not hide anything. If at all you have habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, it needs to be brought to the doctor’s attention. Involve your partner too in the conversation so that any doubts that he has will be cleared as well.


Active participation from your side makes your doctor feel that you too are interested and excited about the entire process. That will help build a partnership and trust between the two of you. Your doctor should answer all of your medical queries. If you feel your doctor is avoiding your questions or is always in a hurry to wind up your session, it might be time to change. It is sometimes seen that the doctors do have the habit of interrupting. If you encounter such a thing, politely ask him/her to listen to your entire question. Besides the doctor should be supportive and a good listener too.


Discuss your diet with your doctor, the food aversions that you face as well the cravings. Also discuss the sleeping positions with your doctor since sleeping on your back may put the entire weight of your uterus on your back causing muscle aches. If you have any emergency questions in between appointments, call up the hospital and talk to the nurse, she may be able to help you out and if not then at least she will make the doctor call you up to answer your query. Thus, by openly communicating with your doctor, you can build a good rapport with him/her.