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the 1st 1000 days

First 1000 Days for your baby
First 1000 Days for your baby

Importance of First 1000 Days for your baby

She’s the most beautiful gift of your life and you would do everything to keep her healthy and protected always. But did you know, this is even more important during the 1st 1000 Days of her life?

What are these first 1000 Days

It is a simple concept conceived by the World Health Organization (WHO) and now scientists, doctors and nutritionists the world over support it.

Take the 270 days of pregnancy and add 365 days of your baby’s first year plus 365 days of your baby’s second year: it’ll total to the first 1000 days of her life! Isn’t it easy to remember?

The importance of first 1000 Days for your baby’s health

Right nutrition will be very important for your baby her whole life. But the nutrition given during these first 1000 days will impact her lifelong growth, immunity and brain & vision development! Not only this, it’ll also prevent many serious health problems later in life. In other words, these first 1000 days are your biggest chance to secure a healthy future for your baby.

Right nutrition for a healthier generation

Right nutrition can help mothers give their babies a healthy head start in life. And if babies are healthy, they’ll grow on to become well-rounded individuals and productive members of the society. Now that you know about it, do talk to your friends about this simple concept to keep babies lifelong healthy.

Not only your baby’s, but a whole generation’s healthy future starts with these First 1000 Days, it starts with you. >