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baby and me

baby and me nutrition supplement
baby and me nutrition supplement

Baby and Me Nutrition Supplement

At Nestlé, we know that you’ll do whatever it takes for the health and well-being of your baby. And amongst these choices, providing your baby the best possible nutrition will be one of your top priorities. BABY & me is a nutritional supplement meant to provide pregnant and breastfeeding mothers the best in class nutrition for their own and babies’ health.

It contains essential nutrients which are much required during pregnancy.

a) Vitamin A, C and E

b) DHA, Folic Acid, Iron and Choline

c) Probiotics, and

d) Protein, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D and Vitamin B1

Keeping your ‘tastes’ in mind

We understand the problems associated with your heightened senses during pregnancy. For example, any sharp or pungent smell can cause nausea or general uneasiness. That’s the reason why, Baby & me has a mild and delicious vanilla taste, which will be so pleasing to your senses!

Give your glass of milk that added enrichment!

There are increased requirements both during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Hence, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, milk is recommended by doctors as an important part of the diet. However, having it regularly can be a little difficult especially if you are not fond of its taste. Don’t worry, just add 4 leveled tablespoons of Baby & me in your glass of milk and see its taste getting much more pleasing to your taste buds! Also, this 100% vegetarian supplement along with your diet will also provide wholesome nutrition to you and your baby at the same time.

So easy to make

Yes, it is very easy to prepare! As we mentioned above, just add 4 leveled table spoons (35g) of Baby & me powder to 200ml of warm or cold milk and stir well. For best results, use lukewarm milk that’s less than 45°C. Your delicious vanilla flavoured serving of BABY & me is now ready.

Quality that’s truly global

Made under the strictest of quality standards, Nestlé Baby & me is imported from our state-of-the-art factory in Samalkha and carries with it all the heritage and trust that you’ll associate with Nestlé.

In case of any queries on Nestlé BABY & me and its usage, ask your doctor or other healthcare professionals for more information.