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Are cravings inevitable (eat a balanced diet)
Are cravings inevitable (eat a balanced diet)

Are cravings inevitable Is there a fixed time

Turned Into A Queen Of Cravings?

Almost all pregnant women experience food craving some time or the other in their pregnancies, either more or less, totally depending on each one individually. Well, we could blame these food cravings to hormonal changes or also to a nutritional deficiency. Cravings are not bound to a particular stage in pregnancy, but are usually the strongest in the first trimester. In fact, cravings are denoted as a first symptom to a pregnancy.

Cravings are not unsafe for your health if you keep in mind to eat a balanced diet coupled with the food you craved for. Also remember not to over consume sugar in any form. Do remember that expecting a baby in no way gives you the freedom to consume any amounts of sweets as you may please.

A pregnant mother could crave for a totally opposite kind of food as compared to her usual preferences. Cravings are said to be strongest at night, the reasons not really being clear!

The Usual Cravings

The usual list of cravings include – sweets, ice creams, pickles, chocolates, cheese, , potatoes, peanut butter

The Unusual Ones

What you should understand is that having an unusual food craving is normal - if you do not crave for dangerous items. Craving for a non food item could be dangerous for the both of you. This type of a disorder is termed as pica. Some strange items women crave during pregnancy are clay, chalk, mud, dirt, soap etc.

There is no thorough reason associated with these strange carvings but at times this could be a sign of deficiency like of calcium or iron. However strong be the urge, do not consume such items, as this would prove to have long lasting ill effects on your baby like delayed motor skill development or decreased verbal IQ.

No matter what you crave for, just listen to your body. Your body will let you know what your baby needs. But yes, do keep an eye on health and nutrition aspect. Eat small portions of the high calorie products. Try low fat versions. Try homemade versions instead of the shop made to avoid excess fats and sugar. For instance, go for a banana muffin instead of a cake. Munch popcorn instead of fried chips. Replacing sugar with agave syrup is also a good option.