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chocolates during pregnancy
chocolates during pregnancy

Are chocolates during pregnancy harmful

A Chocolate A Day Can Keep You Happy And Gay

The combination of chocolate and pregnancy is proven to have more than one benefit. Research proves that the 300 plus chemical contents in chocolates help in building up better psychological abilities which help a person to stay tension free, be lively and active. Chocolate does magic on the neuro-transmitters of your brain giving you a feeling of well-being.

Studies have shown a considerable link between an infant’s temperament and a mother’s chocolate consumption during pregnancy. The connection is in a good view of chocolates and states that your child could be a happier person, thanks to chocolates. These babies grow up to be less fearful, less frustrated and calm by nature.

Benefits Of Chocolates

It helps prevent pre-eclampsia or premature birth as cocoa in the chocolate contains theobromine which can help prevent premature birth of your child. Again, the theobromine in cocoa aids in proper blood circulation thus preventing high blood pressure problems to the mother, in turn affecting the well-being of the placenta too. It can resultantly aid in making happier babies.

Chocolate is rich in flavonoids which contain antioxidants as they would improve your immunity and in turn the baby’s as well. Chocolate contains magnesium, iron and other important beneficial nutrients which are good for both of you.

Dark chocolate prevents heart diseases. By choosing low fat and low sugar dark chocolates, women can reduce their cholesterol levels. Chocolates relieve stress as it gives a comforting feeling in the mind.

Look at it this way - parental stress and infant irritability are interconnected. Consumption of chocolates acts like a short circuit to the stress, as chocolates contain little volume of stimulants and eating those releases the feel-good endorphins. It generates a feel good effect on the mother and in turn on the placenta.

A Word Of Caution

But the key is this - do not eat chocolates just for the feel good effect on the baby. You’re not obliged to add another necessary food item to your ‘good to eat during pregnancy foods’ list to produce a healthy and merrier child. It would not do you and your baby any good if consuming a chocolate does not give you pleasure.

Keep in mind, not each and every chocolate is as good. Consumption of dark chocolates is recommended. Chocolates containing 65 percent or more of cocoa are good for everyone, not just pregnant women. So remember to choose your chocolate wisely.