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Natural Induction Of Labour
Natural Induction Of Labour

3 ways that labour can be induced

Natural Induction Of Labour

If you are an overdue mother and desire to figure out how to induce labour naturally, without the need of medical intervention, you have many safe options at your disposal. Naturally induced labour ensures no harm to the unborn or to your body too. Being safe and effective, these methods are worth taking a note of.

Being Active

Well all through your third trimester you might have heard others asking you to slow down, reduce physically straining activities, especially in your ninth month. On the contrary, to induce labour, it is good to be active as far as you are not stressing yourself out. Walking a little more than usual or slow swinging of hips from side to side help in induction of labour as it stimulates the baby to move into the birthing position. Using a birthing ball to rock from side to side could be ideal.

Gentle Sex

Doctors often prescribe gentle sex to assist in inducing labour. The prostaglandins present in the semen helps soften the cervix and prepare it to dilate. Also during sex the female body produces hormones which aid in the childbirth process.

Stimulation of Nipples

This method has been used by women from ages now. Stimulation of nipples releases natural forms of Oxytocin and Pitocin in the female body. Pitocin is the synthetic version of Oxytocin. As is the case with Pitocin, Oxytocin helps to start contractions which can bring about labour.

This method is effective only nearing your due date and when the body is actually ready to go through the birthing process.

Inducing labour before 40 weeks of the pregnancy is not advisable. Stimulation of nipples could be done manually by hand or with the use of a breast pump. But this method also requires care, as in the process of trying to stimulate, your uterus might get over-stimulated. The key here is to stimulate only a single nipple at a time and stop on noticing contractions. If a time period of over 15 minutes has passed without a contraction, you may resume stimulation.

Women generally prefer a natural induction of labour as it allows the mother’s body to remain balanced. Opting for medically induced labour might result in a hormonal imbalance as medications and drugs are not natural triggers and should be the last resort on the list.