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Exercise During Pregnancy
Exercise During Pregnancy

10 simple exercises to help you start strong during your 9 months

10 Simple Exercises To Start Strong During Pregnancy

Exercising is important for a healthy pregnancy and also for a quick post parturiency recovery. Following simple exercises can give you a toned body and you will experience less of fatigue. It also prevents excess weight gain, strengthens muscles for a speedy labour and also soothes aches. But remember to prepare yourself with all the essentials required for a workout.

Pick up proper shoes in order to avoid back aches. A bottle of water is a must. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and wear comfortable clothes to be at ease while you are working out. Do not forget to carry a small snack like a fruit or a sandwich for a quick bite post workout to refill your energy levels.

Mentioned below are few simple exercises.

Walking is the best workout you can do during pregnancy. All you need is a good pair of shoes and the will to stay fit. Walking is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that will keep your heart strong and muscles toned. It helps in shorter labour, burns calories to prevent excess weight gain, keeps you fit to avoid gestational diabetes and also eases constipation. You can walk in all the three trimesters for 30 minutes every day.

Swimming is an aerobic exercise, suitable and safe for you. Swimming has cardiovascular benefits and tones the muscles. Besides, you also feel weightless in water despite the extra weight you put on during pregnancy.

Light weight training is a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles. But you must avoid overheating and fatigue.

Besides the above mentioned exercises, yoga asana can make the body more flexible which will enable you to adapt to various positions during labour and the ligaments can become more elastic which in turn will help to reduce labour pain.

Santulan kriya butterfly facilitates the contraction; it enables extension capacity of the buttock and pelvic muscles. It also strengthens muscles of the thighs, legs and pelvis which aid the process of labour.

Merutarang-spinal flexes kriya benefits the entire spine and increases tolerance for stress and strain. It also enhances the contractile abilities of the spinal muscles.

Hridyachakara unmeelan strengthens the contractile power of the chest muscles and hence increases the capacity of the lungs. It also stimulates blood circulation which helps prevent complaints like breast engorgement or rigidity of chest muscles.

Ardhamarjarasana will help relive strain on the back muscles and abdomen and should definitely be used in the third trimester. It may even be used during the first stages of labour in case of extreme back pain.

Marjariasana or the cats pose can be practiced during pregnancy as it helps release the tension which you gain quickly in the upper back and in the shoulder during pregnancy. But precaution should be taken not to pull the abdominal muscles towards the spine.

Also, Swiss ball exercises and Pilates will increase the pelvic flexibility and also strengthen the core muscles.

Hence, exercise is a big plus for you and your baby but always remember to consult your OB/gynaecologist before taking up any kind of exercise.