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how and when to get your husband involved
how and when to get your husband involved

10 quick tips on how and when to get your husband involved

Start Strong With Your Hubby By Your Side

Pregnancy is a stressful time, both for you and your better half. Yes, you are going through the physical changes and stress; but he is not worried any less. He may try to pull away from you, unable to understand so many changes and developments all at once. But things like your health, finances after the baby’s arrival, managing new born care etc. might be weighing heavily on him.

So the best way out would be to involve him in every stage of your pregnancy. That will help you both sail happily through the nine beautiful months of pregnancy.

Schedule your doctor visits together

Ultrasound visits are usually a time to look forward to. Fetal heartbeat is often checked during each visit; so don’t forget to involve your husband at this time. it will also help him bond with the baby.

Decorate the nursery together

Your husband might not be great at designing interiors like you are, but make sure you involve him in each aspect of decorating the baby’s room - from wallpaper to wall color, and furniture.

Take a birthing class together

If your husband’s schedule permits, make sure you both attend the birthing class together. Or at least make sure he is able to make it for a few of the important sessions. By being a part of

the birthing classes your husband will have full knowledge of the latest developments of the baby and how hormonal changes affect your moods etc. It will also prepare him of the delivery day.

Read together

You and your husband could read pregnancy books together. This way you are sure to spend a lot of time together, which is important during pregnancy, and also prepare for the big day!

Create a journal by writing to the baby

Both of you could write anything you wish to say to the baby, or mention the happenings during the pregnancy in the book. You could even document your cravings, the physical changes, names for the baby, your emotional changes etc. in the journal.

Exercise together

If your doctor has allowed you to exercise, try and make exercising a session for both of you. Exercising is important for a healthy pregnancy and by exercising with your husband, you are getting him involved too. You also end up spending time together this way and preparing for the baby’s arrival together.

Cook together

Nutrition is an important aspect during pregnancy. May be this way you could have your husband keep a check on your dietary intake and also convince your husband to eat healthy with you.

Start calling him Dad

Generally pregnancy congratulations are directed to the mother alone. So is the case with the baby shower ritual. You may begin by addressing him as dad, do baby talk with him, get him a father’s day card too. And slowly your husband would feel completely involved.

Feel the baby movements

Making your husband feel the kicks of your baby. It is an absolutely wonderful experience. This would increase the bonding between the father and child and make him aware of the physical presence of his little one.

Baby Talk

Urge your husband to talk to your child. He may wish to talk about his day with his baby or about the future plans he has for his child. Anything happy is good. It will also help him strengthen his attachment with his baby.